Success Stories

I recently had the vinyl siding on my house and garage treated with Vinyl ReNu. I am more than satisfied with the results. Up until now I had thought that faded chalking vinyl siding was beyond help, but after Vinyl ReNu, my siding actually looks brand new! It is truly amazing.


David V.
Park Rapids, Minnesota


Eight years ago we built and vinyl sided two buildings on our hobby farm. Within four years, we began noticing fading on the sun side. Mick Lee, a friend I've known since high school, talked with me about Safeguard Restoration, and stopped out to show me what could be done. He treated a small corner as a test area. 

It amazed me then, and still today how it brought it back to life. We watched it for two years. As the rest continued to fade, the test area stayed shiny and bright. It was an easy decision to have Mick come this last summer and do both buildings, bringing them back to life again. 

In my opinion, it's one of those things that is too good to be true. And, having Mick do the job was great. We take pride in how our hobby farm looks, so I highly recommend Safeguard Restoration for those who want to bring that faded vinyl back to life! 

D. A.
Peterson, MN


We had the house done in May of 2004. The vinyl siding and shutters look as new as when installed in September, 1981. 

Yours truly, 
George S.
Winona, MN 

It looks great. The vinyl siding is less than seven years old, and it was faded. There was also a lot of mildew on it. We had SunPower restore it this week. It looks really good. 

N. S.
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Our vinyl siding is only seven years old. We had a mold issue from the sprinklers, and it was very faded. We had Steve Rehberg of SunPower Services restore it. It made a huge difference. It brought the color back, which is nice. They did a great job. I'm really glad we did it. 

J. B.
Coeur d'Alene, ID

For a home that is only 4 years old, I couldn't believe the fading that had occurred on it. We found the product by an ad that was in the local paper. Brad from AM Painting came to our house and showed us what Vinyl ReNu was. It seemed to be a much better alternative then replacing the siding already. Brad was very friendly and knowledgeable.

We have had a number of calls from neighbors telling us how good our house looks.  It looks like new again thanks to AM Painting and Vinyl ReNu. 

Thanks Again! 
E. B., MN