FAQ for Cleaning Vinyl Siding with Vinyl ReNu

What happened to my vinyl?

The sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and industrial pollution in the form of acid rain create billions of dollars in exterior surface damage each year.  The results are faded/oxidized surfaces that require ongoing maintenance in the form of cleaning, painting and eventually expensive replacement.  In the case of vinyl siding, fading and brittleness are major homeowner concerns.


Did my siding manufacturer give me poor quality siding?

No.  Your siding manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure the quality of your siding.  Over time, due to the sun's rays, acid rain and other local environmental hazards the top layer of your vinyl wears away, exposing the surface particles, creating a dull, chalky appearance and making it more susceptible to mold, mildew and dirt.


How does Vinyl ReNu work?

Once the vinyl is properly cleaned, applying Vinyl ReNu will restore the degraded surface with a moisture-resistant UV-stable polymer coating that will continue to protect the vinyl.  Vinyl ReNu will also restore the color and prevent the re-growth of mold and algae.


Is Vinyl ReNu safe for my children, pets and plants?

Vinyl Renu is water based and low VOC.  As with any chemical, please keep children and pets away from the liquid coating and cleaner.  If applying with an airless sprayer, we recommend covering delicate ornamental plants.  With millions of square feet of vinyl have been restored with Vinyl Renu we have never had a complaint where Vinyl Renu injured or harmed people, pets or plants.


What will my siding look like after the restoration?

The Vinyl ReNu process restores your vinyl to its original color and luster.  It also helps if you have replaced slats of siding and the new slats do not match the faded vinyl. 


How Long Does it Take?

A typical 2500 square foot home can be cleaned in one day and restored the next.  So, in one weekend, you can have new looking siding bringing increased value to your home.  Please note that the siding must be dry prior to applying Vinyl Renu.


How does weather affect the application of Vinyl ReNu?

Vinyl ReNu can be applied when the outside temperature is above 35 Fahrenheit and rain is not eminent within 24 hours of the completion of the application.


How Long will Vinyl ReNu Last?

There are many factors determining how long Vinyl Renu will last.  If it is applied properly, your siding can look beautiful for up to ten years before needing a simple reapplication of Vinyl Renu.


What do other people have to say about Vinyl ReNu?

Vinyl ReNu has restored over 23,000 homes and millions of square feet of siding.  Our ultimate goal is the customer's satisfaction.  Our homeowners are often surprised at how the Vinyl ReNu process brings back the look of their original vinyl.  In addition, the homeowner has the satisfaction of knowing they have upgraded their homes exterior through the superior protection of Vinyl ReNu.  Many customers have gone on to use other great Renu products like Outdoor Renu, Roof Renu, Garage Renu, Shutter Renu and indoor products such as Indoor Renu for upgrading the look of your cabinets and select furniture as well as our WOW! Product for stainless steel appliances.