How Can VinylRenu Double Your Revenue?

Economists have said that the U.S. consumer has a post depression mindset.  They also state that people are more likely to stay at home and put money in their homes than vacation or buy new homes.  Offer your customers a service that will beautify and protect them homes or businesses for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Typical margins can be over 45% for commercial restoration work and can be over 60% for residential restoration work.*

Chain/Restaurant Restoration—Major chains spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year on keeping their buildings looking new. Companies that could or have benefited from clear coat restoration are:  

Markets and Market Size 

Vinyl Siding----Over 800 billion Square Feet

Metal Siding/Roofing---Over 10 billion Square Feet

Shutters—Over 1 Billion

Commercial Awnings and signage----Over 8 Billion SF*


Additional Opportunities

Fleet (UPS, School Bus, USPS, Fed-Ex)

RV/Motor Home

Fiber Cement Board

*Estimates based on actual contractor reported profits using Vinyl Renu and Vinyl Renu Cleaner.