About Us

Vinyl ReNu began in the 1980s when its developer was asked by a major supermarket company to develop a polymer coating for its vinyl floor tiles. The company wanted a product that would keep the tiles slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and eliminate the need for waxing for five years.

A coating was developed, but the company could not use it for the intended purpose due to a problem with the wax already applied to the tiles. Experimentation led to the application of the coating to vinyl siding - and a new product was born. Today, that product is known as Vinyl ReNu and is sold through OneSource Orangics, Inc. 

Additional products were developed for adhesion to other materials such as roof tiles, asphalt-fiberglass shingles, brick, concrete, and painted surfaces. OneSource Organics has manufacturing and warehousing capabilities in NJ, FL, NV, SC, NC and CA, with its headquarters in Jamison, Pennsylvania.