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Jan 15 2013

The New (Clean) Home of Vinyl ReNu

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - OneSource Organics, Inc., the makers of the successful Shutter ReNu shutter restoration product announces a new website to feature their vinyl restoration product – Vinyl Renu.  When asked why the shift in website, President and CEO Richard Winget said that customers have reported tremendous success at applying the product to vinyl.  “This necessitated a change in website to communicate to our customers that Vinyl ReNu could be used to bring back color and beauty to many weathered surfaces.” commented Mr. Winget.  “Why throw away a perfectly functional item simply because it is weathered when you can bring back the color and beauty for a fraction of the cost of replacement shutters, furniture, siding, etc.”

When asked to what additional surfaces the product could be bring back beauty and color, Mr. Winget stated that customers have reported great success using Shutter ReNu on weathered patio furniture, decorative exterior lights, most plastic and PVC surfaces, painted surfaces, metal surfaces and vinyl and steel siding.  Mr. Winget explained that a simple cleaning of the surface and the application of RenuAll is all that is required to bring back the beauty to faded or oxidized shutters, siding, patio furniture, exterior lighting, vinyl/PVC fencing and faded painted surfaces.

“We have been thrilled and thankful that our customers have taken the time to report to us their success stories with our product.  We are also pleased that, because of Shutter ReNu and now RenuAll we and our customers have made and will continue to make a significant and positive impact on our environment by reducing the amount of functional but weathered products that go to our landfills.” said Mr. Winget. 

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